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Balcón de Nut I and II are two cottages, located in Losana de Pirón, a small village at the foot of the province of Segovia, 20 km from the capital. They are located in the outskirts of the village, each of them has an independent plot furthermore splendid and privileged views to the Natural Park of the Mountain Chain of Guadarrana during the day, and an awesome panoramic view of the stairs and constellation of the firmament during the night. 

They are rise following the traditional architecture of the area (stone, wood, tile of the style of Segovia and noble materials) they have a conscientious decoration and care furniture.

150 m from the urban core, surrounded by meadows and labour fields, you could enjoy the tranquillity of a natural environment. Listening the song of the hoopoes and cuckoos, when the spring comes, the croak from the common and San Antonio frogs, as well as the rest of amphibious that come from the close flax puddles. Delight with the fly, pretty common, of the vultures and the common eagle ray, or the travels of the stork from the Church of the village. Everything while you are sat in the porch or enjoying a barbecue with your couple, family or friends.

The cottages have a private parking with roof, common to both accommodation.
We have the possibility to visit our henhouse with autochthonous species such as the black castilian and specially the smallest one of the family can have the opportunity to feed the rooster Pepín and its entourage to know how they live.

They are located inside the beautiful valleys of the Rivers Viejo and Pirón, landscapes that you could enjoy through different routes by foot or by bicycle and if you are interested we will provide you the detailed information.

If you like the art, our region has some Romanesque jewels of our province, belonged to the School of Pirón. Churches such as Sotosalbos, Tenzuela, Caballar, Pelayos del Arroyo…

In the restaurants of the region, you also could taste the typical roast lamb or piglet.



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Losana de Pirón

It is between Torreiglesias and Adrada de Pirón, 20 kilometers from Segovia. Inside the wide term of Losana de Pirón that we can run, walking or by bicycle, through the paths, there are the Valleys of the Pirón and Viejo Rivers. In the first of them, we discover the Cave of the Cowgirl or Cave of the strong fountain, the Hermitage of Santiaguito turn into Torreiglesias and where the tradition has that “the Muslims of Losana, Muslims of Losana, that if Muslims wouldn´t be, they wouldn´t change the Saint for the meadow”, the Romanesque Bridge and the Fountain of Covatillas, and next to them the Cottage of Covatillas which belongs to the term of Torreiglesias, as well as the Mill, of the same name, which is downstream.


The Canyon of the Viejos and Pirón rivers, the Villa of Pedraza (Monumental Complex); Segovia Capital, Sepúlveda, Gorges of the River Duratón, Natural Park El Chorro, Turégano, Polendos Cabins, Torrecaballeros, Royal Place of La Granja, etc…


Hiking, Horseback Riding, Bike Routes, Birdwatching, Mycological trails, archaeological tourism, visits to National Parks, Canoeing, Hiking Museums, etc ...

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