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Balcón de Nut I y II 

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Asociación de Turismo Rural y Activo en Segovia

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Balcón de Nut I
      Casa Entera   ( 4 places + 1 extra )
Balcón de Nut II
      Casa Entera   ( 2 places + 1 extra )
El Viejo Almacén
      Casa Entera   ( 6 places )
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Ø Applicable politic of cancellations: the cancellation will be made by hand and signed by the person who has made the booking.

Ø If the cancellation is made during the fifteen previous days of the entry in the house you will not have the right of refund, unless the house is rented at least for the same booked period.

Ø If the cancellation is made more than fifteen days before, the amount will be returned.

Ø Once begun the stay, cancellations are not allowed, the customer must pay the total amount.

Ø In all the cases of refunding of the booking, the bank charges will be discounted.

Balcón de Nut I   Casa Entera   ( 4 places + 1 extra )

Weekend:230 €242 €
Whole week:440 €450 €
Quincena:820 €---
Cama Supletoria:15 €---
Minimum stays of 2 nights depending on the season (In Long weekends and festivities, ask for prices and minimum days).
Weekend (3 days/ 2 nights)
Week (7 days/6 nights)
Fortnight (15 days/14 nights)

Balcón de Nut II   Casa Entera   ( 2 places + 1 extra )

Weekend:160 €170 €
Whole week:360 €375 €
Quincena:750 €---
2 Noches - De lunes a Jueves:145 €---
3� Plaza:15 €---
Estancias mínimas de 2 noches y en función de temporada. (En Puentes y Festividades, consultar precios y días mínimos).
Fin de semana (3 días/2 noches).
Semana (7 días/6 noches).
Quincena (15 días/14 noches). 

El Viejo Almacén   Casa Entera   ( 6 places )

Weekend:395 €425 €
Whole week:795 €875 €
Noche Adicional:100 €150 €
* Estancias mínimas de 2 noches y en función de temporada.
* En Puentes y Festividades, consultar precios y días mínimos.

Temporada Baja: Meses de Mayo a Septiembre inclusive.

Offers for our accommodations

¡No lo dejes escapar!   (El Viejo Almacén)
Antes: 875Ahora: 65026% Dto.
6 noches.
Casa entera / 6 plazas
Disfruta de 6 noches e un Antiguo pajar de Segovia. Oferta para 6 noches y válida del 1/7/17 hasta 30/9/17
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